“…to the best of my ability, so help me Grodd.”

So, apropos of nothing, it’s time to start keeping a proper notation site. Notionally, I do not “blog” and have not done so since my moody teen years but a more active engagement with social media of late has left me with the desire to have a place to store longer thoughts.

Something where I can ramble. Where my thoughts aren’t confined to 140 characters. It may be that I post some stuff which is posted elsewhere, or recycle old material. I may wander into short fiction or back into commentary, or vent about things that are bothering me.

Bothering me in media, that is. It’ll be pretty rare that elements of my personal life drop into this – private stuff I attempt to keep private for self-explanatory reasons. I’ll talk about comics a lot. TV shows and movies as I catch them. Fantasy, roleplaying and associated thoughts.

Still, anticipate reviews and discussions, word-collage and self-promotion. I’m effectively, of course, talking to no-one now. Though public, this isn’t publicised, and at this point I don’t anticipate anyone’s listening.

If that changes, here is where we get started.


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