Where Have You Been Lately?

Although when talking about blogging a week to fortnightly absence can’t be seen as too neglectful, I still feel some degree of self-castigation for leaving this blog, and my (at least, theoretical) readers in the lurch. This is particularly true given that my last blog post, already claiming a flurry of activity, cannibalised some earlier material rather than coming up with something new.

This post, sadly, continues in that vein, albeit rather than steal from extant material, I’m instead taking this opportunity to announce upcoming projects, specifically those which have been keeping me busy.

To wit:

1) I am now, officially, a comic book commentator/critic. This takes literally years of discursive rambling on the topic of comic books and allows me to present thoughts in a sensible, cohesive, form. Rather than seek to buck a trend, most (if not all) of those articles are likely to be co-written, since most of my thoughts on the subject arise from the Socratic method, rather than springing fully formed from my brow. That being said, there may well be some solo stuff there, and if not there, my sudden brain-flashes will come, unfiltered, to this repository.

So, where am I commenting/criticising? Why, Nerdspan, who have been kind and gracious enough to accept me onto the roster despite limited-to-nil experience as a journalist. Please, I urge you (on the presumption that this sparsely attended micro-blog has readers who are not readers there), to please go check out the site, not only for the commenting of me (whom, should you be reading this now you presumably enjoy, or at least tolerate) but also for the fine works of other contributors on a wide variety of interests analogous to, at the least, my own. If you’re reading this, and you haven’t checked it out yet, my first column is a long discourse on Final Crisis. Very probably my favourite comic book of all time, and I’ve gone into some detail as to the reasons why there. You can find it here.

2) I am now, also officially, a comic book writer. Cross that one off the list, folks, and crack a bottle of something proportionate to your age and disposable income! I am very proud to announce that Grayhaven Comics have kindly accepted a spec script as a contribution to an anthology, thus fulfilling their mandate of giving neophyte creators a change to get out there. It’s a short script, and it won’t be published until the early part of 2014 (after they’ve had it drawn), but it’s now officially locked in, and I’m very pleased and excited to be a part of it. The anthology is a steampunk anthology, which may serve to be complementary to OTHER significant projects which are in the pipeline and about which I will be posting more later in the year.

This means, in the space of a week, I’ve gone from an amateur hobbyist to a semi-professional comic-book columnist and a comic book author. It’s an important moment for me, and I’m hugely gratified to be able to announce it. I only got into comics at university, but when the bug bit it bit big. To have an opportunity to get really involved, on both sides of the spectrum, is an outlet that I’ve been building to for a while, and hopefully only marks the start of continued involvement.

So, there you are. A short post, but one which hopefully explains why I’ve been running around a bit lately. Mixing all these elements with a busy full-time job and recently released Mass Effect 3 content has kept me on my toes. There will, of course, be more to come – here, there and everywhere.

Actually, this reminds me I haven’t talked much about video games yet…


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