How Sharper Than A Serpent’s Tooth…

…to have a fickle fan!

“You got rid of Saul Bass!” you cry, (presuming anybody is reading enough to care). “You had a whole post discussing the merits of the classic designer and why you selected the theme in the first place. Now we’ve got this very readable black-on-white, sans-serif stuff!” 

Like Martin Prince’s power-plant, it may be lacking in heart, but it really functions. The automatic indents on the previous theme were becoming a real problem for short, staccato paragraphs. And since NerdSpan is now my home for various pop-cultural musings, this blog is more and more devoted to rants, occasional thoughts, Doctor Who and (surprisingly, though not that surprisingly) song lyrics – all of which are arenas in which indentation is important.

So, “a little plainer but a little more practical” was the ethos of the switch. Saul Bass is still fantastic, and I remain a huge fan thereof. I just wanted people to be able to see.


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