Here, I am informed by WordPress, are permanently graven the essential facts about me not regularly subject to change. Therefore, in brief, six quick truths:

1) I have a serious, time-consuming and on this blog undisclosed day job. To protect my loved ones I have cloaked myself in this secret identity.

2) In addition to my serious, time-consuming and otherwise undisclosed day job, I have the usual plethora of geek interests: film, television, theatre, opera, comic books, fantasy, science-fiction, roleplaying games, video games and other typical social stereotypes.

3) This blog is an avenue for indulging those interests, and goes hand in hand with various other realised and potential projects in those areas, to which this blog will refer from time to time.

4) I also take the art of creating fiction pretty seriously, which means that in addition to the above I care a lot about literary fiction, drama, elementary psychology and criticism. I’ll be talking about that, too.

5) I’m Australian, which means I spell colour with a ‘u’ and use time-periods like “fortnight”. It also means that I am most usually active to Northern Hemisphere folks in those dark hours when the powers of evil are exalted. Aside from that, expect a lot of mixed slang from the 1930s, 1970s and an ironic pidgin from the hip-hop culture of the 00s of which I am not a part. Also, the Oxford comma.

6) You can follow me on Twitter @RobertRambles, and I encourage you to please do so. I’m pretty talkative, so if you actually want to discuss any of that stuff, your odds are pretty good of finding me amenable.


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