Month: April 2014

The Winter Soldier (With Robert Goulet)

If ever I would soldier, it wouldn’t be in summer
Soldiering in summer, I never would go
Your arm made from metal, your gun firing flame
Your face with a faceplate, that conceals your name

But if I’d ever soldier, it couldn’t be in autumn
Soldiering in autumn, I never would know
I’ve seen how you backflip and glide through the air
I know you in autumn and I must be there

And could I soldier
Fighting brutally through the snow
Or on a wintry evening
When you crash the Helicarrier so?

If ever I would soldier, it couldn’t it be in springtime
Knowing how in spring, I’ve avenging to GO…
Oh, no, not in springtime, summer, winter, or fall
No never, could I soldier AT ALL!


With thanks to Ian Menard (and Lerner and Loewe)